We provide rental and strata management services for residential and commercial properties as well as real estate services including property purchase, sales and leasing

Rental Management Services

  • Vancouver Management has specialized in rental apartment management in the Lower Mainland for over 50 years. We offer highly personalized management of your rental building
  • We manage all aspects of your building, including personnel, budgets, renovations, suite rentals, service contracts, scheduled maintenance and major upgrades
  • We work closely with our building caretakers to ensure your building expertly taken care of
  • We use our industry expertise to source the very best contractors
  • We are on call 24/7 to deal with any emergencies that may arise
  • We pride ourselves on being on site regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly

Strata Management Services

  • We manage all types of strata properties, including residential, commercial, co-ops and apartment corporations
  • We realize that precise and timely communication is the key to running a strata corporation
  • We work closely with strata councils to create budgets and maintenance schedules and to manage on-site staff
  • We have the skill and experience to ensure that your Strata corporation runs efficiently for the long term

Other Services

  • Commercial Property Management and Leasing
  • Real Estate Services and Sales
  • Shareholder, Leaseholder, Co-ops Property Management
  • Property Management Services for the Non-Profit Sector
  • Tenant Relocation Services and Site Stabilization for Future Developments